Kaushiki Chakrabarty radio-special, 25 July 2009, with me as studio guest

Hey, that picture… looks like… is it…?… YES! …it’s Kaushiki-ji !!


On Saturday 25 July 2009, dutch national channel Radio 6 featured a special on Kaushiki Chakrabarty in VPRO’s world music programme De Wandelende Tak. The programme’s host Walter Slosse interviewed me on Kaushiki’s career and music.
I also selected the music that was played in the programme, great music of course! The programme is still available for listening on demand.


The programme was highligted as ‘radio programme of the day’ – with a photo (see above) of Kaushiki added and with additional info elsewhere on the same page (see below) – in the VPRO-guide (no.30, 25-31 July 2009), Holland’s best TV&Radio Guide.


The picture shown in the VPRO guide is a cutout from this picture, showing me and Kaushiki in Leicester, during the Darbar Festival 2008.

Two years ago I portrayed Kaushiki in my radioprogramme Gharana and this episode is still ‘on demand’ available on the Concertzender website and I’ve also published a Youtube-portrayal of Kaushiki and some clips of her great Amsterdam concert in April 2007. Check it out, it’s great to hear and see her in performance!

You can still listen online to the special on Kaushiki.

Don’t miss Kaushiki at her best in this radio-special!


World Music favourites 2008 in Wereldmineralen, Sat. 27 December

Kaushiki top 2008Sasha top 2008Keyvan top 2008Mariza top 2008Seun top 2008
Randal top 2008Rima top 2008Toumani top 2008Hector top 2008Purbayan top 2008

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Wereldmineralen Sat. 13 sept.: recently released vocal music from different traditions

Mariza  Mariza

My next edition of De Concertzender‘s non-stop world music-hour Wereldmineralen, 13 september 2008, broadcasted on Radio 6 and via internet and of course retrievable ‘on demand’ after broadcast, features a great variety of vocal genres, picked from four recent world music releases: you’ll hear fado from Portugal, the light classical ‘ghazal’ from India, Arabic songs from Lebanon and songs from the Netherlands Antillean island Curacao. The programme starts with songs from Continue reading

Radio 6 blog-messages on my raga-programme ‘Gharana’ moved to new folder

My radio 6-blog-messages -in dutch- on my Concertzender-programme ‘Gharana’ are moved to a new folder. They are no longer accessible via the ‘Magazine’-folder but from now on you’ll find them in the Oriënt Express-folder

Right now you’ll find articles on the first two episodes of Gharana, episode 1, dedicated to Kaushiki Chakrabarty and episode 2, dedicated to Kala Ramnath. You can still listen to these programmes via this ‘on demand’-page of via the programme guide pages of radiostation De Concertzender.

The next Gharana-special is scheduled for broadcast on Friday, the 30th of May, 2008, and will be dedicated to sitarist Purbayan Chatterjee.

Purbayan Chatterjee
(sitarist Purbayan Chatterjee)