Ali Akbar Khan passed away, but his music lives on!

Sad news, a pillar of Indian Classical Music has fallen… Ali Akbar Khan passed away on Friday 19 June 2009. The one time I heard him live in the Mozes en AƤronkerk in Amsterdam in the eighties was an overwhelming experience, an unforgettable concert. Fortunately we can all access more than fifty years of good recordings of this no longer living legend.
There’s a lot of video footage of him too, for instance watch & listen him playing in a beautiful performance of Raag Brindabani Sarang, a clip that was published on 19 june(!) 2007.

Good comfort is that his music lives on forever!


Radio: World Routes – Darbar Festival 2009 (Pt.2): Aruna Sairam

Aruna Sairam

Last saturday, 30 May 2009, BBC Radio 3’s World Routes focused once more on the Darbar South Asian Music Festival 2009 at London’s Southbank Centre, this time highlighting the concert of carnatic star singer Aruna Sairam. I was there too in the Purcell Room in London, it was a fantastic concert! The programme offers large segments of the concert and an interview with Aruna Sairam who explains some of carnatic music’s intricacies. This edition of World Routes is available for ‘on demand’ listening until 6 June 2009. Read more at BBC Radio 3. A must for evryone with an interest in Indian classical music.