In the footsteps of Kumar Gandharva – ragasinger Pushkar Lele tours Holland & Belgium

A not to be missed concert tour of young ragasinger Pushkar Lele in The Netherlands and Belgium from 30 November to 6 December 2011. Pushkar Lele sings in the North Indian hindusthani tradition. Natural curiosity led him to follow in the footsteps of that great innovator of Indian vocal music, Kumar Gandharva. No imitator, however, he performs his own interpretations of ragas and bhajan poetry. Pushkar Lele’s vocal art will be accompanied by Sanjay Deshpande on tabla and Suyog Kundalkar on harmonium.


Tour schedule:
Antwerpen – Zuiderpershuis 30 nov. 20:30
Utrecht – Rasa 1 dec. 20:30
Amsterdam – Tropentheater 2 dec. 20:00
Den Haag – Regentes – 4 dec. 03:00 PM
Maasmechelen – Schouwburg Cultureel Centrum – 6 dec. 20:15


Great recording of Kesarbai Kerkar travelling through space with the Voyager Spacecraft

Morning raga Bhairavi, beautifully sung by Keserbai Kerkar. It’s one of the recordings travelling through space with the Voyager Spacecraft, launched in 1977. I once made a two part-special for the Concertzender concerned with this idea of a musical space message. All the Voyager music was broadcasted in part 1. Part 2 featured my own musical space message: great music from all over the world, representing basic human emotions. I didn’t receive any alien response 🙂