About me, Pieter de Rooij, and how to contact me

My name: Pieter de Rooij.
Born: December 1963.
Academic studies: Anthropology, Ethnomusicology (Masters degree in Cultural Anthropology in 1988, University of Amsterdam). My graduation thesis dealt with opera as theatre of myth and ritual in the nineteen-eighties. After finishing university I was also educated in music library work.
Experience: in the period 1993-2012 I worked in Hilversum at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (1993-1994) as music cataloguer and at Radio Netherlands (1995-Nov.2012) as audio-archivist, information specialist and as producer of world music show Hear The World/Escucha El Mundo ; In 2014-2015 I did a project all on my own: I digitized and archived nearly 2600 Master theses (delivered in the period 1948-2006) of the Sociology and Anthropology Department of the University of Amsterdam.

Other activities: regular producer of world music programmes for dutch radiostation De Concertzender ; music consultant ; founder of two social network groups: Raga Unlimited (on Linkedin) and Gharana – information and news about raga music and its performers (on Facebook).

* raga music
* crossmedia specialist
* archiving&digitizing
* producer of radio&video features
* the use of music in radio&video features
* writing about music
* gamelan music (Java and Bali): played it in the period 1983-2003
* Western opera
* world music in general

Special interests in music: raga music ; world music ; opera ; Western classical music ; jazz ; film music.
Other special interests: literature, film, history, geopolitics and foreign policy.
Purpose of my blog: to inform you about my activities concerned with music and – occassionally – other obsessive matters.

I’d love to hear from you! If you want to respond or share your views leave a reply or send an email to pieterderooijtonalties@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “About me, Pieter de Rooij, and how to contact me

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  2. Hello Pieter
    I would dearly love to listen to the interview you did with Nina Burmi.
    The audio on Youtube has been muted.
    I am a student of Carnatic music and a disciple of Dr M Balamuralikrishna.
    Not sure if you know Ludwig Pesch?

    I would be grateful if you can assist with a link to a video of the interview that works.
    I am mesmerized by the singing of Nina and would really love to listen to the interview if possible.

    Many thx and kind regards

  3. Hi, thanks very much for your comment! Oh my, it’s muted, I wasn’t aware of this ridiculous action by YouTube, really disappointing. I will consider an upload on vimeo, imo it’s a very worthwhile interview. And yes, I know Ludwig.

  4. Hi Pieter de Rooij,
    Your music knowledge is commendable and remarkable. Once watching a music video of a famous Indian Violinist, I read your comment. Having a little knowledge in table, I felt really worth your comment which shows your in depth knowledge in music. So, I thought to compliment you…Hats-off!

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