Mesmerising overtone singing – Okna Tsagan Zam sings heroic epic Dzhangar

Epic bard and overtone-/throatsinger Okna Tsagan Zam from Kalmykia sings the heroic epic Dzhangar, a complete version. This performance is definitely one of my all time favourites. Whenever I start listening to it, I can’t get enough of it, what a treat! To me this music is sort of trance-inducing, and therefore every listening session turns out to be a very rewarding pleasant experience. I cannot speak for others, but still, I’m pretty convinced this music will proof irresistable to- and make a lasting impression on every open minded music loving listener.


Mesmerising overtone singing by Okna Tsahan Zam

Just found the video above of (my favourite) overtone singer Okna Tsahan Zam. He’s from Kalmykia and here he sings a segment of the heroic epic Dzhangar. Years ago I highlighted him in a radiospecial on overtone singing.

And below a video I already knew, with him also singing the Dzhangar epic: