Great! New videos of prodigious Carnatic violinist Athira Krishna

An exceptionally gifted young musician is Carnatic violinist Athira Krishna, born in Trivandrum in Kerala. I know about her since 2007 after I found a clip of her published on Youtube on which I responded with enthusiasm and admiration.
I was more than pleased to find three recently published video’s of this prodigious young Carnatic playing violinist, who has won a lot of prestigious awards already and is widely recognized as one of India’s most gifted young musicians.
As far as I know she has played in Europe only in Germany so far. This really should change. She’s an incredible talent and I’m sure audiences in Holland (and other European countries) would love to hear her. Anyway, I, for one, will keep on namedropping her for sure 🙂
Here’s in three video’s -click on the following links- some of her fabulous playing, from a concert recorded on 4 December 2009: Part One Part TwoPart Three.