Light of Asia – rarely seen Indian epic, screens August 6th 2011 in London with a new live score

Light of Asia
On 6 August 2011 the British Film Institute in London screens Light of Asia (1925, dir. by Franz Osten & Himansu Rai), a spectacular and rarely shown epic with a new live score from Pandit Vishwa Prakash and his team of musicians (Sanju Sahai, Surjeet Singh, Mitel Purohit, Debipriya Sircar, Jonathan Lawrence and Uttara Joshi). Read more about it here.
A fantastic project!


Beautiful Bollywood-film ‘Aan’ (1952)

The beautiful Bollywood-film ‘Aan’ (1952) was once brought to my attention by Concertzender-producer Henk Braaksma, who considers this his favourite Bollywood movie.

The complete movie

For the Concertzender Henk Braaksma produced a programme on the soundtrack of this film, see this link (and then listen on demand there by clicking on the speaker icon on top of that page).

The beautiful opening song of ‘Aan’: Aaj Mere Mann Mein Sakhi


Film ‘Raga Unveiled’ sheds light on history and essence of the Hindustani classical musical system

The ambitious film Raga Unveiled, taking a look at the history and essence of the Hindustani classical musical system, has received a lot of praise. Will be screened on Sunday evening, 10 April 2011 at King’s Place in London, as a prelude to the Darbar Festival 2011, on 21 – 24 April 2011, at the same location. Here’s from YouTube a video to promote the film: