Beautiful Bollywood-film ‘Aan’ (1952)

The beautiful Bollywood-film ‘Aan’ (1952) was once brought to my attention by Concertzender-producer Henk Braaksma, who considers this his favourite Bollywood movie.

The complete movie

For the Concertzender Henk Braaksma produced a programme on the soundtrack of this film, see this link (and then listen on demand there by clicking on the speaker icon on top of that page).

The beautiful opening song of ‘Aan’: Aaj Mere Mann Mein Sakhi


My favourite concert of 2010: Egyptian singer Amal Maher in Amsterdam

Amal Maher, the young diva from Cairo in Amsterdam on the 1st of June 2010. For me it was the concert of the year in The Netherlands. What a priceless present she gave to Holland with her marvellous singing ! I’m glad I filmed this in the Oosterpark ! 🙂