Texan teen Sarah Jarosz is a huge talent

In the press she’s been called (Gillian) ‘Welch’s lost young daughter’ 🙂 Bluegrass-country-folk songwriter Sarah Jarosz – a Texan teen, born in 1991 – is still very young and a huge talent. Her breakthrough album ‘Song Up In Her Head’, released in the summer of 2009, was now given a five star ‘top of the world’-review in Songlines (September 2010) by reviewer Rose Skelton who uses superlatives like ‘supertalent’, ‘fabulous moments’ and ‘exceptional piece of work’. On YouTube I found this track from Sarah Jarosz’s celebrated album, titled Shankill Butchers, a song she covered from The Decemberists. All the other tracks she wrote herself. Great to hear this new young talent.


My addition to ’50 Great Moments in World Music History’, published in Songlines no.51 (April/May 2008)

In March 2008 the renowned world music magazine ‘Songlines’ celebrated its 50th issue. Alongside the regular articles and reviews there were some special features, one of them a list of ’50 Great Moments in World Music’, covering some remarkable musical happenings from evry corner of our planet over the past 7000 years.

Songlines 50th issue - March 2008 

cover of Songlines, 50th edition (March 2008)

At the bottom of the list the editors humbly added that the Songlines-list just appears to be ‘a snapshot’ of all the numerous great moments in the history of world music. Therefore Songlines invited readers to write about other great musical moments, ‘missing links’, that also deserve to be mentioned. Since I like to see things listed and could easily sum up some other ‘Great Moments’ I wrote to Songlines and suggested 5 more ‘key moments’ in recent world music history, from the world premiere of Colin McPhee’s ‘Tabuh-Tabuhan’ in 1936, to the remarkable success of the overtone record ‘Hearing solar winds’. In Songlines no. 51 -the April/May 2008-issue- my letter -see and click on the picture below- was published. Big fun!
5 more great moments in world music history

my letter in Songlines no.51 (April/May 2008)

Songlines no.51 - April/May 2008

the cover of Songlines no.51 (April/May 2008)


Kala Ramnath receives prestigious ‘Kumar Gandharva Award’ in April 2008

Kala Ramnath in concert(Kala Ramnath in Concert / photo: Pieter de Rooij)

Violinist Kala Ramnath, who will be featured in my programme Gharana on the 29th of February, will be the next recipient of the ‘Kumar Gandharva Award’, India’s most prestigious national award for the best musician under forty-five years of age. Kala will receive the award on April 8th, 2008. Furthermore, Kala’s album ‘Kala’ -released in 2004- is chosen as one of the 50 Best Top of the World albums in world music magazine Songlines‘ March 2008-issue, its 50th ‘collector’s edition’. And last but not least, in the same issue Kala is also chosen as a member of ‘the Songlines 50 Allstars Orchestra’, a selection of the world’s greatest instrumentalists to form a world music super-group. Considering all these impressive facts, I guess world music lovers can’t really afford to skip a beat of my upcoming programme on Kala by the end of this month!