Britain’s eminent sitar player Roopa Panesar plays a ‘dhun’ (folk melody) in Bhairavi

Britain’s eminent raga musician Roopa Panesar is one of my favourite sitar players. Her superb rendition here of a famous Dhun in raag Bhairavi – marvellously accompanied by Bhupinder Chaggar on tabla – is a complete delight for the listener.

Deep musical knowledge, a great feel for beauty, virtuosity and an enormous amount of passion and joy comes across in her style of playing.


Great recording of Kesarbai Kerkar travelling through space with the Voyager Spacecraft

Morning raga Bhairavi, beautifully sung by Keserbai Kerkar. It’s one of the recordings travelling through space with the Voyager Spacecraft, launched in 1977. I once made a two part-special for the Concertzender concerned with this idea of a musical space message. All the Voyager music was broadcasted in part 1. Part 2 featured my own musical space message: great music from all over the world, representing basic human emotions. I didn’t receive any alien response 🙂