Valentina Lisitsa’s unmatched ‘Totentanz’ over 500.000 views in less than a year

This superb electrifying performance has now over 500.000 views and shows Valentina Lisitsa’s deep connection with Liszt’s Totentanz. Total control and commitment combine in the best way and Valentina’s performance is unmatched in its display of musical brilliance. Videos on her YT-channel now have over 28 million views! Subscribers: more than 34.000. Very telling!


Unique Halloweenconcert with Valentina Lisitsa in Leiden – 31 Oct. 2010

OMG… you don’t wanna miss this Halloweenconcert with pianist Valentina Lisitsa on 31 October in Leiden… SPOOOOKY ! 🙂

OMG… Valentina in a coffin! Click on the picture above to enlarge

So, if you dare… on 31 October 2010 things get ‘scary’ in the Waag in Leiden when ‘spookish’ classical compositions will be played by daredevil-pianist Valentina Lisitsa in a HALLOWEENCONCERT! Tickets can still be ordered via Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden.

One of the pieces Valentina will be playing at the Halloweenconcert is the solo piano version of Liszt’s sensational Totentanz…

Halloweenconcert’s programme (click on picture above to enlarge)

Halloweenconcert’s location: The Waag in Leiden