The extraordinary mature voice of 14 yr old singer Danica Krstic from Serbia

Danica Krstic sings ‘Preletese ptice lastavice’

Extraordinary mature singing by tremendous fourteen yr old Serbian singer Danica Krstic (born 25-11-95), who toured in The Netherlands only a month ago. ‘Preletese ptice lastavice’ is a wonderful song – drenched in melancholia – about the flight of swallow birds and sensitive matters.


Beautiful traditional songs from Serbia in my latest Youtube-video

I’ve just published another video on my Youtube Channel, titled ‘3 beautiful songs from Serbia by three great female singers’. This tradional music from mid-twentieth century Serbia features enchantingly beautiful singing, that will immediately reach evry true music lover’s heart and soul. Also added some info over there.

some highlighted video’s on my youtube channel