Superb group sound and fabulous musicianship : best clip of Magma on YouTube (imho)

This is such an amazing clip, great display of a superb group sound and fabulous musicianship, imo the best clip of Magma on YouTube. Leading roles here for the guitarist and of course group leader and phenomenal drummer Christian Vander. An electrifying performance!


Shashank’s bansuri : music for a listener’s delight from his album ‘Flute Fantasia’


This album of Shashank – Flute Fantasia – has been a longtime favourite of mine. For instance the alap of raag Kafi is such a delight to listen to, especially around midnight. Follow this Spotify-link to play this track for free. The rest of this album is delightful as well and can of course be listened on Spotify as well. Highly recommended.