Valentina Lisitsa: Rachmaninoff/Warenberg Piano Concerto #5 2nd Movement

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Valentina Lisitsa plays the theme of the Rachmaninoff/Warenberg ‘5th’ Piano Concerto’s 2nd movement, recorded in Amsterdam. A very beautiful interpretation, that imho combines and fuses a poetic delicacy with soulful temperament and powerful passion that only Valentina can bring out to the listener. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her playing here as much as I do.
This piano concerto is an arrangement by Alexander Warenberg of Rachmaninoff’s 2nd Symphony. The recording presented here is used with permission and part of video-material shot by Alexei Kuznetsoff (Valentina’s husband) in Amsterdam, May 2010, that features Valentina playing piano solo parts of the Rachmaninoff/Warenberg Piano Concerto #5.
Valentina was performing in The Netherlands in May 2010. On 29 May 2010 I did a video-interview with Valentina in Rotterdam on the Rachmaninoff/Warenberg 5th Piano Concerto after she played the concerto with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra on 28 May 2010.

Me and Valentina after the interview in Rotterdam

I will present this interview in a video-report later on this year combined with the video-material, shot in Amsterdam, of Valentina playing piano solo parts of the ‘5th’ concerto.


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  1. Please prevail upon DECCA to arrange to record (preferably on DVD) the Rachmaninov/Warenberg 5th Concerto with You on piano and any orchestra you choose. I promise to buy the first 10 copies of the recording as soon as it is available, and I’m sure that all others who love you and your artistry will also do the same. If the R/W is not long enough, perhaps the recording could be lengthened with other Rachmaninov works or Concerti or works by other composers which you would choose. Thank you for all the beauty you give and have given to the world. You’ve made it considerably less depressing than it would be without you.

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