Valentina Lisitsa’s unmatched ‘Totentanz’ over 500.000 views in less than a year

This superb electrifying performance has now over 500.000 views and shows Valentina Lisitsa’s deep connection with Liszt’s Totentanz. Total control and commitment combine in the best way and Valentina’s performance is unmatched in its display of musical brilliance. Videos on her YT-channel now have over 28 million views! Subscribers: more than 34.000. Very telling!


3 thoughts on “Valentina Lisitsa’s unmatched ‘Totentanz’ over 500.000 views in less than a year

  1. We should know that she has ‘special’ powers. She is ambidextrous, has a photographic memory which helps a lot in practice, though she can ‘seitch it off’. (!) She’s been known to put the wrong sheet music up on the Bosey in the NC studio video takes, a kind of fiendish sense of humor. During some conceeerts/recitals she kicks off her heels under the ball gowns, since in some cases she prefers to pedal barefoot. She owns 5 (or 6?) pianos – she was not sure (!). Her Bosey is a 1925-28 275 rebuild. She is 41 or 42.-. Her mother (Porish) is in residence in the Admiral Kuznetsov Manor. This explains how she can concertize world wide with or without the family. She can play almost anything studied and recovered from memory, including a reported 40 piano concerti. She said that the Rach 3 which she had never studied took her about 50 hours to get fixed and then polished.
    She plays Yamahas, Steinways and others as the situations demand, and the condition of the instruments is all important Yes, she sat through that damn hurricane in NC. And suffered on through the 5 degree celcius playing on that pile of ancient worn lumber and weather at St Pancras Int’l station on that famous evening in London. She and Alexie have lived in the USA since 1991, and are citizens. She declares that she considers herself to be an American pianist (period). She is the real thing. The genius pianist.

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