Video ‘David’s happiest day’… makes them all sniff and cry!

In 2007 the closing scene of Steven Spielberg’s A.I., filmed in bad quality from a computer screen, was uploaded on YouTube, this video…

By April 2012 the video had almost 200.000 views and many hundreds of likes and comments. Impressive figures, but what really makes the video interesting and very intriguing to me is that most viewer comments relate to a tearshedding experience when watching this scene. To highlight this ‘sobbing effect’ I decided to do something crazy. I went through the comments, picked the sniffy ones out and then put all the stuff together, separating evry remark only by this ‘|’ mark. In this way the response might work as a ‘special effect’ and also maybe as a sort of tribute to the A.I.-scene that pokes in the gut of soo many people. At least half of the incoming response on the clip is ‘crying’-related. No matter how one looks at this scene – as a tearjerker, a masterfully crafted sensitive masterpiece or something in between – anyone can grasp that this kind of watery response in huge numbers on a video is unusual. You’ll find the response below. I’ve abbreviated many of the comments, but of course I didn’t correct their spelling errors.
OK, here we go…
“I cried buckets of tears while a pang gripped my throat|I cried so hard while watching this video|I am a really big guy, bit this makes me cry like a five year old boy!|watched this again to see if it is as sad as i remembered…. and it is *in tears*|It’s so sad…but it’s also so beautiful. It touches something deep inside of you. Tanks Mr. spielberg for these tears|I stopped at 2:33 because I knew waterworks were coming|I tried to use this movie as an example in an essay. I cried like a baby instead|Nothing like having your heart ripped out your chest!back then i cried like a fucking bitch and right now, i’m crying like a whore!|like 4 years ago, i cried like a bitch too|i’m crying|4:43 is when I start crying|When I first watched this with my brother, I had to go out the room as I was sobbing like a wimp. He had no idea why I was crying, even I dont know why I find this scene so sad. I just do|I am 36, Male from England – I cannot help but shed tears, I want to cry aloud. Life is so cruel|I think we cry because we realize how cruel human beings can be|We cry because maybe we found something of that scenes very deep in our souls|i cried so hard at this scene, children are so innocent minded|This actually made me cry|i love this film so much – we all want to hear those words I love you – it always makes me cry|shiit.. I got some crud in my eye… “sniff”|one of the most saddest endings ever. i cried it was so sad|This movie awoke so many things inside me. I was a grown man when I saw it with a gf and I cried like a baby during the ending scene… and I didn’t know why|it’s the same thing that happened to me…I always cry when I watch this ending..and still don’t know why….|agreed enough it happens to me too…|me too! ­čÖü |so emotional|I want to get my girlfriend to watch this with me but I know I’ll cry at this part as I do every other time i’ve seen it. I’ve tried watching it so many times to try and numb myself to it but I just can’t do it!|No movie has ever made me cry so hard. I watch the ending alone and I begin to sob|every time i heard he says”I found you” i will cry hard|this movie make me cry ­čÖü such a sad ending|Forrest Gump is a real tearjerker too|well this made me cry|CRYING ATM|Cried. Fucking reality|Wait……OHGODWTF THEY LEFT TEDDY TO BE FOREVER ALONE SNIF!|OMG I cant believe I’m crying T^T omg i cant stop its so sad… damn movie making me cry… so amazing…|:( -needs a tissue-|I cried when I watched this in first grade|Especially if you have a baby, I don’t think you can be able to avoid crying|The most beautiful movie I have ever watched, it is so sad but so beautiful. it touches your heart and you won’t be able to control your tears…|I cannot watch his again, it’s too much|if u didnt cry watchin this u r artificial inteligance|i freaking love this movie it makes me cry like a little boy|i cried!!!! ­čÖü |for me it explains the human empathy and love for each other and a key for a human life..It’s was the first movie who actually made me cry…|Everytime when I watch this scene and hear the narrators voice, it makes me think of that one spcial person that I was once very close to, makes me cry|I Always Crying ,even my 92 years old Grandma Cried 2 :(( |thumbs up if u cried watchin this part|i most definitely did, its been years since I watched this. need a comfort hug so bad! -wipes aways tears-|like a baby!|I fucken cried not even fucking around, and I’m a dude!!|Omg I am crying! It’s so sad, and beautiful|this scene is really sad ­čÖü I cried when his mom says “I have always loved you.”|The final moment between Mother and and realized son brings me to tears every time.|I never cry at films, this got to my heart so badly. I love it|if your mom means everything to you like mine-the tears will fall till the end of the scene|enough to reach for the tissues|the final scene I remember so well…and hell, I’m bawling my eyes out the moment he see’s his mother…|der Inhalt ist so stark, ich k├Ânnte weinen|oh shit :'( i always keep crying whenever i see this!!|boah ich musste so heulen als ich den gesehen hab…einer der besten Filme ever! ÔÖą|i cry every time i see this. “I found you” he’s adorable!|Deze ending scene moeten de zakdoeken tevoorschijn komen prachtig|I cried my eyes out at this movie. Very emotional scene|it is so emotional and touchable|I always get this strange throat feeling feeling like i might cry when i wacth this scene. i remember wacthing this as a child with my mother she always cried at the end|Jaa, musste auch fast weinen ^_^ hab direkt die wiederholung hinterhergeguckt ­čÖé |mensch war der traurig. Ich musste auch echt knatschen :D|5 minutes ago the movie ends in german tv. it makes me cry. the final scene hurts my heart|ich musste soo oft weinen…da kommen echt alle gef├╝hle hoch.. hach…*seufz* obwohl ich den film ja schon einmal gesehen hab.. aber trozdem…|the first time i watched this i cryed so much this is the BESTTTTTT movie in the universe|Only movie to make me cry…my boyfriend shed a few tears too! haha|I love guys who aren’t afraid to cry when the time calls for it. ­čÖé This scene makes me cry every single time…especially when Monica gives David that confirmation that she loves him|I saw this movie 3 times..and each time I cried at this scene… ­čÖü |I cried so much :’/ such an incredible movie!|Teddy @ 7:55 *sniff|i almost cried when I’ve seen this movie lol especially at end , it really effected me|omg. i love this. i cried so badly. it reminded me of my mommy|aww this movie made me cry so much ­čÖü |this movie just made me cry and cry every single night ­čÖü |i cried!!|I’m going to admit it. I cried like a bitch when I first watched this movie|i cried when i saw this :'( |i always cry while watching this scene… *sobs*|this movie and seven pounds makes me cry the most.. ha|it made me cry, seeing how crazy David was about the woman who wasn’t sure if she really loved him or not. His loyalty never faltered for a second|I remember the first time that i was seen it, i was very sad, my brother cry in this scene|what a beautiful film, i was nearly in tears :'( lol |doesnt matter how many times i watch this movie it never fails to make me cry lol :’) lol |I broke down at this sad ending maybe because I am a Mom. Seeing Teddy alone, sitting and watching them forever sleep is the most touching part|This really pokes you in the gut|this movie always makes me cry :'( |I always cry for this part *_*|I always cry at the end of this movie I love it!|this will sound really wierd but this movie always makes me cry …!!!exactly the most touching movie i have ever seen|i cried liiiiiiike a baby|they can only live 1 day lol..soo sad…the best movie after geisha….it make me cry soo cute boy…|hello people im 13 years old. i first saw this movie when i was 6 i think and i cried a little. but then i saw this movie for the second time 2 weeks ago….but now since i know more things this movie made me cry so hard even though movies never actually make me cry……|I honestly cannot stop crying. This movie really, really touched a nerve in me. I’ve never been so sad|This final score always makes me cry!|i even cried when joe got pulled away from him at the end he was one of my fav mechas|Last 20 minutes of the film I was crying, but this ending part of the only one day of David’s happiness!…|I cry so much at the end like everyone else does. What gets me even more is when the little bear comes in who was AI’s only friend and sits down on the bed looking at them|this part makes me cry so much! but atleast he went to a better place!|tear*|cryd at this movie ­čÖü |makes me cry because i lost my mother to at a young age (3) she was shot in a robbery|amphibicopter lol what bullshit this would be so sad id tell her not to go to sleep id be so sad ! i cried !|blew me away to yearn for something soo hard and soo long would nevere ever leave you and it can consume your life its all about learning to accept people as they are and self love for yourself! Beautiful final scene though and yes I sobbed and Sobbed !!|(Other than man on fire) I’ve mever cried so much at the end of a film|dam ill admit i was crying alot too. hit a nerve about my childhood/ upbringing|god when i watch this i cry like a baby|I never cry..but this movie made me cry so mcuh.. I was starting to asking if im a pussy..|i luvved this movie soooo much i cant help but cry everytime i watch it|Cried bitterly to myself for days and weeks. Beautiful. Staggeringly emotional. It is a heart searing experience to anyone remembering such experiences watching this film. Me too. Cried my fecking arse off I did. Love it. Reminds me of who I am|This part of the film ALWAYS makes me cry! I tried so hard not to, but I couldn’t help it|haha this film gave me a headache i cried so much LOVE THIS FILM|its painfull. it makes me cry when i watch this part…|I remember that my tears ran out in the cinema in this scene.. So sad… -_-|i was about 8 or 9 when this came out it’s impossible for me not to watch this and not cry|I always cry when she leaves him in the woods and at the end. ­čÖü I’m glad he finally got his happy day!|God you make me cry now. I shall always have my dreams with you, and they shall be born, one day…|i cried soooomuch !|I love this scene!!!!It’s make cry at the end !!! it is so sad…|I love this movie…It’s make cry at the end|I am a man and this make me cry a lot|yah…ur r8…i never cried like that time when i was watching this movie…|i know this is the only movie i cried at lol|I aLso cried in this movie a lot. this is the first hollywood movie in which i cried. i can never forget this movie|I cried. .____.;|ya … oa´╗┐ oa … the best movie i’ve ever seen , i watched this movie on TV 3 times …. it drive me cry cry very munch Y_Y …. u killed me Steven Spielberg … i love my mother -@_@-|This is the first movie to have me bawling my eyes out|always makes my eyes water|It was sad, it made my eyes watery, and I probalby felt one fall down my face|Lol, seems like it makes everyone cry. Every time|TTATT AAHHH!! this movie is so sad i cry everytime… im tearing up!|I just can’t see it anymore, I was like crying throughout the whole movie, from the moment when his “mother” left him in the woods, till the moment when he fell asleep|i cried when i saw. i think was 8-9 yrs old and at the time i thought i was just being babyish about it, but know i understand…|This made me cry when I was watching the film|i was so dehydrated after this movie|im crying damn it|this movie made me cry when i was 7 years old and it still does right today such a beautiful but sad movie all he ever wanted was his mommy nothing more *cries*|that make me cryyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! my favorite film.. I cant stop crying… beautifulll!|This is the most beautiful and amazing scene in this entire movie. For a 13 year old boy who almost cried at this scene was because it was so beautiful. It was like watching another fairy tale, similar to Pinoccio, but only it is in the future. I give this movie a 100|screw you speilberg for making me cry. thats such a beautiful story. i weeped for hourd after i saw it the first time|I know me too, i was crying so much, i was hyperventilating|This movie is so sad!Sad because is about human condition!I crying every time when i see this movie!|The movie that made me cry!|PLEASE…! could anyone donate some tissue paper, napkins, and everything? im going to die without them… this is the best movie that has EVER existed… why did they have to put that super sad piano piece… it maes it even worse to seee… (i dont mean its worse to see cuz the movie is bad, i mean it makes me weep even more….) WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!BUAAAAAAAA!!┬ş! ill never forget this movie!!! im so crying!! Im soo sad!! please consolate me!|Gahh… That’s such a tear jerker.. Haley always gets me crying!!|this is the saddest movie for me, esp. this scene. omg i’m crying (again!) right now. the whole movie is very deep and philosophical. this is a master|2000 years for one day, one day for an eternity, david is the part of the child that living in everyone of us. This scene put tears in my eyes and smile and my face, sadness in my soul and hope in my mind…Better than all words, the piano make me fragile and the picture sensitive……He went to that place, where dream are born.”|Oh my goodness…..never would I have imagined me falling apart and bawling over watching this brief excerpt|dammit.. where’s a napkin|this movie is so sad it makes me cry|i love this movie, its the best, i was crying right now!!! and i cried when i fiirst sw the movie, so sad!!:'( |I thought as a rationale, full grown adult, I should not have been feeling squeamish inside all because of a teddy bear! AI is indeed thought provoking and ended leaving me with moist eyes and that ‘gagged throat’ feeling of anguish|OMG, I am a very manley man, and I never cried at movies… until this one|OMG!! I just cried my eyes out i guess…so beautifull!!!|I CRY EVERYTIME! best movie of the year!|I’m very emotion person yeah i cry|this scene always makes me cry.. its just touches ur heart. i think|Oh, oh…i’m crying.|I watched this movie when I was 12´╗┐ and I still cry so much when I watch it|I’m´╗┐ not ashamed to say I cried really, really hard.|i´╗┐ cried too|They were talking about sad movies on this radio show today and I looked this up because I´╗┐ hadn’t seen it in forever. 40 seconds in and I was tearing up|the magic of spielberg. this scene is making´╗┐ my throuth go lumpy and eyes watery|I have always loved you i am bawling again´╗┐|soooooooooo sad, but beautiful, this movie is incredibly touching, it made me want to cry my eyes out. It kind of made me think, if you only had one day left with someone you loved, and they didn’t know, what would you do? How special it´╗┐ would be|The best thing ever captured on tape!!!! Makes me cry everytime!!!! Love really´╗┐ makes the world go around, every single day!!!|So much emotion in this final scene. Manly tears´╗┐ were shed ;(|got all teary eyed in front of all my friends watching this a couple´╗┐ years ago|I cried like a bitch years ago watching this´╗┐ movie…and i didnt plan to :’) it caught me off guard|I’m crying so hard right now. oooh this gets me everytime|I cried|i cry even when i remember this movie :(|I´╗┐ stayed up for three hours to catch the ending and I ended up crying like a baby! My brother was making fun of me big time -,- Still crying though :'(|I cried. But i dont get it did David die or´╗┐ just go to sleep?|I cried…. “i love you. I´╗┐ always loved you”….better then titanic!!!|this and the scene where she leaves him in the woods always´╗┐ gets me :,(|So sad but so beatiful… Thumbs up if you cried!|i never seen this i just clicked it and this really made me cry|I remember being seven years old & it made cry when she left him in the forest|If you´╗┐ want to instantly cry, watch this, this beautiful tragedy|sobbing the whole 8 minutes and 51 seconds|*sob*|that made me´╗┐ sob|the 1st movie that i ever cried´╗┐ to….|This is such a beautfiul´╗┐ ending, i cry everytime|This makes me wanna cry I feel so proud to be human but at the same time i feel´╗┐ so sad|Jesus its just to much I can’t handle´╗┐ it I challenge any human not to cry|Cool, I’ll be sure to watch this video next time I want to CRY MY´╗┐ FUCKING EYES OUT! Seriously, so beautiful|I remember seeing this as a kid oh god the onions onions everywhere|this part always made me cry when I was young. one of my favorite movies´╗┐|This´╗┐ has to be among one of the saddest movie endings. I have cried every single time I’ve watched this movie|I cried like´╗┐ a bitch!|im a 26 year old guy and I cried like a baby.´╗┐ I have a special relationship with my mom and this just pulls at my heart and soul|THIS FILM MADE ME CRY JUST LIKE bicentennial man I DONT NO WHAT IT´╗┐ IS IT JUST DOESE|lost my mother at 2. this movie makes me´╗┐ weep…|I keep promising myself I won’t cry. But as soon as that´╗┐ piano starts playing. Oh man :(|darn you spielberg´╗┐ this movie makes me´╗┐ cry everytime:,)|i have never cried like this´╗┐ before´╗┐ :c lost my manliness.|It made me cry ­čÖü |This is the only movie that can make me cry|I cried too. The only reason I rent this movie is to watch the ending|I cry EVERY time I watch this film. 100%|In my life few things have made me cry as much as this scene.|i cried and cried….. and i wish David’s dream is lasting forever~|If you don’t cry at this ending, something’s wrong with you.|Me tooooooo…..(sob)|this was the scene that made me cry so hard|The reason I always cry at the end is not because David and Monica died (or whatever they did, never to wake up) it’s because that little scene with Teddy at the end. I realize that Teddy will be all alone for the rest of eternity :(((((((|Anyone who isn’t crying, needs to get their circuits checked.|Honestly the only moment a non-animated movie has made me cry.|I can’t watch this film anymore. It just makes me cry like a bitch. It is so sad. :'(|it makes me weep – for those little moments I spent with my mother as a kid (making coffee, folding clothes, whatever it be) are the ones I cherished the most.|When your mother gave you away as a baby and you’ve had a painful and sad life this film makes you cry like a baby…Now give me a tissue…|Cried as a little girl in panties|I think the meaning of this scene is beyond simple logical understanding; it’s the deepest feeling of love. Knowing that a single moment of joy can reach eternity…that is what makes my tears fall down every, every, every time I watch the end of the movie.|I promised i’d never watch it again because I cried so much, and here I am the 2nd time watching it off clips of youtube, and crying my eyeballs out. I need to call my mom now Q n Q|I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry… FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU┬şUUUU-|Beautiful seen…I’m crying. Because I wanna be like this seen.|manly tears :_( THIS MADE ME CRY!|Im a bloke and im crying at this, i can feel davids pain in this. Im crying as i type this-like what the fuck is wrong with me? WHAT TH FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!|I haven’t seen this movie in over 11 years. All I did was look up the ending and FIVE SECONDS LATER I JUST STARTED BAWLING. An eight minute video has NEVER made me cry so fucking much.|This´╗┐ is the scene that made me cry. Except it was’nt a burst in tears moment because I did’nt want anyone to see.|I think´╗┐ there is only something wrong if you don’t cry.|what i woodnt give for such a special day whit my mother. How many children are there whitout the love´╗┐ of there mother……Broke into tears when i saw this.|I always cry when i watch this movie…|I can’t believe I’m sayin it, but I cried at this movie. Nothing moves me more than Love between child and parent.|This scene never fails to make me cry and´╗┐ smile at the same time.|you made me´╗┐ smile-cry|well when I saw that bit on TV I cried and´╗┐ don’t lie I guess we all did cry when it was his happiest day.|Absolutely wonderful. It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much´╗┐ for posting.|I cried like a baby when´╗┐ I saw this film. I know embarrassing, wailing in the cinema and all that, but the fact that the knowledge of spending time with any ‘mother’ is a wonderful moment. One to cherish:)|Got´╗┐ dust in my eyes again.|A.I. is not one of the best movies I ever saw, but the end made cry like a´╗┐ baby…|Damn. Throat hurts, nasal passages´╗┐ are a little stingy, and my eyes are teary. Got me again|I cry´╗┐ like a baby watching it, wow an amazing deep movie.|David…you’ve had so little of that” and with the music it seemed like the most tear-breaking moment at that´╗┐ time and perhaps in the whole movie. :`( I love the music at that time where it’s nighttime…it’s soooo beautiful I’m gonna cry X`(|Man´╗┐ I cried non-stop for 30 minutes in this movie. And its the only movie in which I really cried. Masterpiece.”

That’s it… pfff, I’m out of hankies now. ­čÖé