Film ‘Raga Unveiled’ sheds light on history and essence of the Hindustani classical musical system

The ambitious film Raga Unveiled, taking a look at the history and essence of the Hindustani classical musical system, has received a lot of praise. Will be screened on Sunday evening, 10 April 2011 at King’s Place in London, as a prelude to the Darbar Festival 2011, on 21 – 24 April 2011, at the same location. Here’s from YouTube a video to promote the film:


6 thoughts on “Film ‘Raga Unveiled’ sheds light on history and essence of the Hindustani classical musical system

  1. Dear Pieter

    Many thanks for sharing it with us albeit I knew about it in September 2009. Rachna Ramya informed me of this ste and Gita Desai also sent me the video clip in December 2010.

    You are right. I can see lots of potential for making a film using late Dr Ali Akbar Khan, late Bharat Rana Pt Bhimsen Joshi, late Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali & Munwar Ali Khan, Ustad Raza Ali Khan, Pt Ajay Chakraborty, Kaushiki Chakraborty-Deshkhani, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ustad Aashish Khan, Pt Swapan Chaudhuri, Pt Barun Kumar Pal, Pt Tejen Majumdar, Pt Ronu Majumdar, Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ustad Sabri Khan, Pt Ram Narayan, Pt Ramesh Mishra, Ustad Sultan Khan, Ustad Asad Ali Khan, Bidushi Kishori Amonkar, Ustad Rashid Khan, Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Pt Ravi Shankar, Pt Kushal Das, Pt Kumar Bose, Pt Debojyoti Bose, Pt Abhijit Banerjee, Pt Subhankar Banerjee, Abhisek Lahiri, Pt Nityanand Haldipur, Steve Gorn, Dr Ashwini Bhide, Dr Prabha Atre, Padmabhushan Girija Devi, Gundecha Brothers, Pt Manilal Nag, Pt Budhaditya Mukherjee, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Ustad Rais Khan, Pt Shankar Ghosh, Pt Bickram Ghosh, Pt Tanmoy Bose just to name a few.

    It would be a fascinating film if carefully made by the expert film makers.

    I would like to see the pure classical art form in this film and not mixed with any other art forms at all!!

    I would like to thank Gita Desai for making this video clip for us. She has the right eye for this film and I’m sure she is working on it too.

    I wish her all the very best.

    I also thank you for sharing this with peoples who are connected with you via LinkedIn.

    Please visit our unique website which is one of its kind in the UK and the first ever website for broadcasting Hindustani classical music from UK.

    Kindly let me have your valuable comments on the quality and the contents of our site via email first and then via LinkedIn if you so wish.

    I wish Darbar Festival a resounding success this year too.

    Kindest regards


  2. My thought was slightly different. As far as I know this film is purely about the Indian classical music of the North, the hindusthani raga music. What I would love to see is also a film dealing with the southern carnatic raga music. Or a six hour film, dealing with both traditions 🙂

  3. Ii have seen this film. It’s a very beautifully taken film an d brings out the history of the Hindusthani Heritage. In fact it is a collectors item, and I think I was one of the first to buy it online. I think this should be a great form of initiation to beginners, who will get a grasp and strengthen the foundations.

    Like Pieter mentioned, this is dedicated and focused only to the Hindusthani music.

    See it when you get a chance, a true masterpiece. In fact, I plan to write about it on my website, soon. One suggestion, if the Gita Desai happens toread this. This is a masterpiece and will be something that has an infinite life. You should bring this out on Blueray format, as people can preserve and cherish this for life. It will be an effort wasted if you don’t get it out on the best quality possible. @dileepmusic

  4. Hi Dileep,

    Thanks for your message. I’m really eager to see this film! Let’s hope for a release on Blueray in the near future!

    I also took a look at your website and I admire and appreciate your posts on Indian Classical Music.

    Kind Regards,
    Pieter de Rooij

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