Raga playing on a piano? I don’t think so.

Watch the video below and ask yourself: is this raga-playing? I don’t think so. No ‘wavy notes’ here, a ‘first requirement’ in raga music. How to really expose a raag’s melodic material in detail if you can’t bend the notes in order to reveal the raag’s mood and character in all its nuances? And running parallel to this problem of execution is the tuning and scale-problem. Only a limited number of ragas is candidate for being ‘adapted’ to the piano. Otherwise: Utsav Lal is definitely very talented and I admire his playing and musical efforts.


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  1. Hi,

    Interesting to read your take of raga music and its interpretation on the piano. Meend or “wavy notes ” as you call them are “essential adornments” of a raga and yet not the “first” requirements.Maestros of Indian classical music have said and I agree that this music is transcedental and is a communication of minds and the universe.The instrument (or voice as the case may be) are only a means to the end..simply a vehicle.
    Would invite to hear the following three links of different ragas on the piano which may interest you and give you a wider perspective:




    cheers !

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