Sounds from all over the globe at my disposal… with iRadio!

I’ve just started using a new device called iRadio. More specific: I’m listening to Terratec’s NOXON iRadio . Once installed, wired or wireless, with software on your PC or laptop, this radio offers you thousands of radiostations from all over the globe, easily retrievable and accessible with the remote control. It’s also possible to access and play music stored in your iTunes-library or on your computer’s harddisc. The wireless connection is great when you want to use the iRadio in your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom or wherever you like. You can move and play the radio evrywhere in and around your home.

It’s great to have access to liveradio, streams and podcasts in all music and spoken word genres you can think of. To find what I’m looking for I can search by different options such as genre, country or podcast. These have subdivisions like evry possible music genre or options like news, weather, drama, children, literature, documentary etc. It takes me just a few presses on my remote’s buttons to play a station I’m looking for, if I haven’t programmed it already as one of my ‘preference’-stations. Once I choose to play a station the display tells me a lot about what I’m listening: it indicates stereo or mono, the bitrate, the name of the station, the name of the programme, and often an item- or playlist.

For an enjoyable sound, musicstations should offer a bitrate of 128 kbps, while spoken word stations require a bitrate of 64kbps to sound really ok. Most stations however don’t meet this standard (yet), but often then, it’s their content that makes it very worth a listen, whatever the bitrate. 

The radio has an interior mono speaker with a remarkable good sound, but since the radio offers a ‘line out’-option at the rearside I plug in there to listen in best possible quality and stereo via my monitor speakers. Also at the rearside there’s a separate connection for one external speaker. The front of the radio offers a plug-in for listening with headphones.

It’s really amazing how easily today thousands of video-(youtube etc.) tv- and radiostations from all over the globe are accessible.
The Noxon iRadio is another great example of the global multimedia revolution that’s going on and a manifestation of how people from evrywhere on the globe – though mostly, the fortunate, (economically privileged) ‘rich’ people of Western societies – can listen to programmes from the most remote corners of the world in high audio quality. My iRadio offers a great and fast way to learn what people elsewhere like to listen to and like to share with other people -be it music or spoken word programmes- from countries as diverse as Vietnam, Venezuela, Ghana and Kuwait. Countries I probably won’t travel to in the near future, but still, only one button press away on my iRadio!